Fun & Creativity

Pencils Icon


Explores a variety of artistic tools and media. Uses materials to create shapes & symbols, desired effects plans, and seeks materials to make a creation.

Drums Icon


Understands differences between singing and speaking voices, claps along to simple rhythm patterns and hears the change of musical phrases in a song. Uses voice and instruments to express feelings & mimic sound effects. 

Playball Icon


Follows the movement of others and demonstrates multiple ways to move body parts. Demonstrates the difference between spontaneous and planned movement. 

ABC Cubes


Shows understanding of a wide variety of sentences and phrases. Asks what objects are called, listens to stories or requests, and responds appropriately. Follows multi-step directions given verbally. 

Abacus Icon


Copies AB patterns, identifies four to six geometric shapes, identifies numbers one through twenty. Sorting by one feature sorts again by a different feature. 

Bicycle Icon

Outside Play

Runs, balances throw objects, throws over & underhand, and initiates play with one or more persons.