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Diverse Learning Environments

Infants/ 0-18 Months

  • MSTC provides infants with nurturing, warm, and caring emotional connections with the infant that build trust and security.

  • WE provide play opportunities that invite infants to engage,
    explore and discover their environment through everyday routines.

  • MSTC also partner with families and share reflections on each child’s unique development.


Toddlers/18-36 Months

  • MSTC supports each child’s individual natural growth and development through responsive care and sensory learning experiences.

  • MSTC provides nurture caring relationships with children and helps them express their feelings.

  • Offer sensory-rich play that invites children to explore their imaginations through art and drama, investigate our world, and problem-solve new challenges.

  • Partner with the family and share reflections on each child’s unique development 


Preschool / 3 – 5 Years

  • MSTC helps children explore their environment to experiment with ideas, manipulate materials and construct knowledge and science.

  • Our families are central to the intellectual and social growth of the child. Family culture and beliefs add beauty to the school community..

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