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Our Approach

As Childcare providers and educators, we have a strong belief that all children are unique individuals who have their own intellect and strengths and as babies and children who are naturally curious.  MSTC feels that children need to be provided with an organized, child appropriated learning environment that emphasizes mutual respect, fun, discovery, literacy and addresses sensory needs. In a supportive environment, we will provide the condition for all children to construct knowledge and focusing on the learning process rather than the end product. MSTC Philosophy is based on principles of supporting the child to gain a sense of self-worthwhile helping and them to grow at their own individual pace while learning basic skills feeling confident and secure enough to explore and grow in a stimulating education and social environment regardless of age, race, creed or color.

What Parents Think

My son has been a student at this facility for two years and has progressed very well. He’s advanced for his age and I love it. It’s a very safe, clean and friendly environment.

Amir's mom