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About Us

Manley Science and Technology Center is grounded in social constructivism and inquiry-based learning. Children are capable, competent, and able to build their knowledge through exploration and social interaction.  Relationships with caring and responsive teachers are not only children's rights, but are crucial to their growth, learning, and development. These relationships help children to nurture, sustain, develop questions, and hypothesize so that they may make meaning of their words.  Manley Science and Technology Center sees parents as the children's first teachers, teachers and staff are seen as their second teachers, and the environment of learning as their third teacher. Special consideration is given to the materials that are chosen for the children’s opportunities for learning and how teachers construct the spaces where children will play, learn and interact with their peers and adults in the center.


 Our Program



Manley Science and Technology Childcare Development Center, located at 4628 H. Street Southeast, Washington DC, serves children 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Our center operates from the hours of 8 am to 7 pm.
MSTC offers Breakfast, Lunch, and PM snacks according to the CACFP healthy food guidelines.
Our curriculum (Early Learning Experience) is age appropriate for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, with daily lessons that teach eight domains with the second language included in the domains. 38 skills, 3 of which the second language, are included and are aligned with the DCELS (District of Columbia Early Learning Standards).
MSTC employees, teachers, and staff who are certified First-Aid and CPR, trained in administering ASQ, and participate in 60 hours or more of continuing education courses. 
WMATA (V8, V7, and W4) come directly to the center and the metro station is only 5 minutes away for your traveling convenience.

Every walk is an opportunity for children at MSTC to learn about the natural world, and the opportunity to meet other people with different careers such as police officers, grocery store workers, mail handlers, bus drivers, waste collectors, and neighbors that stop to say hi to the children.


Walking around the block with the children sometimes takes more than an hour as there are always new discoveries to explore.


The teachers are open to the wonders of noticing small details and new growth; buses instead of cars, airplanes instead of helicopters, the smell of flowers, and the changing of leaves to name a few.


MSTC takes nature walks every day if the weather permits.

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